Chaire-Cycledevie was established in 2001 to provide expertise on the life cycle of technology. Our mission is to stay informed of the current and potential environmental impacts associated with computers, such as energy use, disposal and recycling practices.

At Chaire-Cycledevie, we maintain a vigilant watch on the current and projected environmental consequences of technology, with computers at the forefront of our attention. Whether it’s the energy consumption, manufacturing process or disposal practices, we pay keen attention to each facet of the computer’s life cycle which can have a severe impact on our society and planet. 

Our thorough investigation into the life cycle of computers has revealed some startling statistics – for example, electronic waste accounts for a significant proportion of the world’s non-biodegradable waste, and the production of a single computer requires an enormous amount of water and energy. At Chaire-Cycledevie, our goal is to not only identify and monitor the impact of computers, but also work towards finding sustainable solutions that can protect our planet and its inhabitants from irreversible damage.

Understanding where we started and how far we’ve come helps us gain insight into today’s technology trends and their implications on our environment. At Chaire-Cycledevie, we offer a deep dive into the history of computers, examining their evolution from early mechanical calculating machines to modern-day computing devices. We aim to provide comprehensive insights into the life cycle of a computer, from the raw materials and manufacturing processes involved in production to the energy consumption and disposal practices at the end of a computer’s useful life.

We delve into the environmental impact of computers, revealing that the production of a single computer requires an overwhelming amount of resources, such as water and energy, and that electronic waste from discarded computers constitutes a significant portion of the world’s non-biodegradable waste. Our team is dedicated to identifying the key issues and challenges presented by the life cycle of computers and developing innovative, sustainable solutions for mitigating their adverse impacts.

Furthermore, we examine the future of computers, exploring emerging technologies and trends that are likely to shape the landscape of computing in the years to come. By joining us, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the past, present, and future of computers and their complex relationship with our society and environment.

Let Chaire-Cycledevie be your source for information on all things related to computers, from cutting edge technologies to sustainable practices. Learn from us today as we continue exploring how we can create a better future together!